Guess many people have the same experience - you take the time choosing and spending a lot of money to buy a very delicate piece of lingerie that you like very much. Fast forward to giving it a quick wash so you can finally wear it and when you go to put it on you find it’s tangled and stretched out of shape because you washed it incorrectly. It’s awful, isn't it?!

This is why you need to remember to read through the laundry labels on your lingerie thoroughly  and prevent washing it incorrectly. Get to know about different types of laundry symbols here.

Read on to find out some of the most common mistakes people make when washing their lingerie to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes from now on:


  1. Throwing your unhooked bras in the washing machine.


Sometimes, you might not have the time to hand-wash your bra and a gentle cycle of your washing machine can be used as an alternative. However, throwing them in the machine will not work at all; along with not doing up the hook on your bra. Not only will your bra get tangled with your other clothing items, and the hook might damage other clothes by catching on them, the elastic on your bras could be stretching the elastic and it won’t fit you as well next time you go to wear it. We suggest to wash your bras with Lycocelle Lingerie Wash and place them in a lingerie wash bag to stop stretching. 


  1. Throwing your lingerie in the dryer.


Whether you're talking about lace underwear or cotton shorts, the heat from the dryer can damage elasticated straps on bras and underwear and stretch it out of shape. Furthermore, Overheated steel wires are more likely to eject from the casing. Air drying is the only good option for your lingerie.


  1. Not enough washing of your lingerie.


Your lingerie may not look dirty after a being worn, but the oil from your skin plays a negative role on the fabric. Over time, oils decrease elasticity, which means naturally occurring skin oils can shorten the lifespan of your lingerie and cause it to trap odour. Perfumes, moisturizers and sunscreen can also exacerbate this process. 


  1. Washing your bras too often.


Depending on how much you sweat and how sensitive your skin is, the appropriate time to wash your bras is every two to five wears. However, if you sweat easily, you should wash your bra every time you put it on. In fact many people, especially when the weather is cold, find it acceptable to wear a bra two to four times before washing it. This helps maintain the shape and elasticity of the bra, which means it will last longer.


  1. Scrubbing your lingerie when hand washing is too hard on it.


Scrubbing the fabric together, or on a washboard is too radical for any type of bras or underwear. Just soak your bra and underwear in warm, soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes. Or, you can use Lycocelle Concentrated Lingerie Laundry Liquid on stains. Add 1-2 pumps of it to cold water and soak your lingerie in it for about 20 minutes to easily remove everyday stains.



*Picture is downloaded from KAT THE LABEL, Australia, <https://www.katthelabel.com/>.

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