Generally speaking, clothing labels are annoying - am I right? The tag always seems to rub on the skin of our neck or waist. Most people cut them off immediately and I don’t blame them. However, the clothing label tells us exactly how to wash and dry your clothes for the best results. Usually the labels  contain even more information regarding bleaching and ironing.


Read our guide on what the symbols on your tag really mean:

  • Washing Symbols:

Washing results depend on many different aspects. The right temperature and wash cycle are extremely important for getting a good result, as well as preventing any damage and fading to your clothing. Take a quick look at the common washing symbols below:

washing symbols, lycocelle
  • Drying Symbols:

Drying your clothes is just as important. You do not want your clothes to be pleated and damaged by inappropriate drying. Carefully read and follow the drying guides so they can best help you prevent having issues like stretching and shrinking of your clothing. Take a quick look at the common drying symbols below:

drying symbols, lycocelle


  • Bleaching symbols:

Before you use a bottle of bleach to make your white clothes crisp looking, it is necessary to check the laundry care label of the clothes to see if the garment can handle the bleach. By not doing this can result in holes or blotched being left on the clothing. Take a quick look at the common bleaching symbols below:

bleaching symbols, lycocelle


  • Ironing Symbols:

Suitable ironing can remove the wrinkles on your clothes. However, the maximum temperature on the laundry labels that your clothes can take, should be carefully followed. The ironing symbols normally have an iron with dots that represent the maximum temperature. Not taking note of these can leave your clothing scorched. Take a quick look at the common ironing symbols below:

ironing symbols, lycocelle

  • Dry Cleaning Symbols:

When you are dealing with your most delicate items, you may need to send them to a dry cleaner. This is when the dry cleaning label on your clothes will come in handy. Take a quick look at the common dry cleaning symbols below:

dry cleaning symbols, lycocelle

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Lycocelle Team from New Zealand