In general, your sports bras or leggings usually smells the worst because of the combination of sweat and body odour.

Whenever you are doing your workout, the sweat seeps into the fabric of your workout gear; the acids, dirt, and sulfur compounds mix together and creates the unpleasant smell. Most of your workout suits are made up of PET fibres which have high performance of sweat absorption.

Because of this feature, your workout gear might start to smell straight away when you start to sweat. The cotton part of the workout suits will not only trap the sweat and soils, but also the odours which could last for days.

wash your workout gears properly

Which creates the question - How do we do to get rid of the bad smells from our workout suits?

Follow the simple steps below have your workout clothes smelling fresh again.

  1. Turn them inside out before throwing them in the washing machine.
  2. Separate your laundry- You do not want to cross wash your workout suits with your lingerie; the stains, smells, and bacterial build up might start up cross-action.

  3. Thoroughly wash them ASAP

    Do not throw your wet workout suits on the carpet or in the garment basket. Otherwise, the damp clothes will become the hotbed for bacterial and odours.

  4. Let them dry if it’s not possible to wash them immediately.

    Hang the damp workout gear up in the breeze. The circulating air is very helpful to help reduce odour.

  5. Clean your gym bag regularly.

    The training bag that you use for workout days can also absorb odours of from workout gear. To prevent this happening, clean it regularly to reduce odour. 

  6. DO NOT overload your washing machine with detergent or clothes

    Using more detergent doesn’t mean more your clothes will be cleaner, just like stuffing more clothes in doesn’t get the job done faster. You need to give your clothes enough space to ensure the proper circulation of water and the correct amount of detergent which give your clothes an optimal clean.

  7.  Choose the right detergent.

    Remember to read the care label of your workout gear and use the right wash temperature. More importantly, choose a high-quality laundry liquid ! Lycocelle Concentrated Lingerie Laundry Liquid is what we recommend for your most delicates including your work out gear.

We’ve come up with a plant-based formula that cares for the planet, the people and the future.

Lycocelle Team from New Zealand