Deep Cleaning, Made Gentle.

It's time to make changes. Lycocelle is here to do just that. We're educating and empowering Kiwis on the magic of mother nature when it comes to home cleaning. We're here to create a desire to not only change the way we clean, but to broadcast this new, flourishing mindset to the rest of the world.

For far too long as a nation we've overlooked the fact that we come in direct contact with the harmful toxins found inside household cleansers. It's time to put the safety of your family first and wave goodbye to these mainstream products.

Lycocelle is here to reconnect kiwis households back to nature and change the way they think about cleaning. Lycocelle products effectively clean all corners of the home, without leaving any harmful residues. We've come up with a plant-based formula that cares for the planet, the people and the future.

We're following our ancestors.

Our ancestors had an abundance of natural resources surrounding them. They utilised these in everyday life, for cleaning especially. They lived and thrived off the earth.

Over the years, the New Zealand population has grown into a beautiful blend of mixed nationalities. People from all over the world have relocated to our small corner of the world. They inclusiveness we have here is something truly special, the respect we have for one another and the environment strengthens this. We respect our ancestors and the rich culture they've passed down to us.

Aotearoa is the perfect place to initiate the change that needs to be made in the world, to protect it for future generations.

We’ve come up with a plant-based formula that cares for the planet, the people and the future.

Lycocelle Team from New Zealand