New Zealand Pine (Pinus Radiata) originally a native of California, excels in Southern New Zealand soils and climatic conditions.Wood from pine trees is used to make many things, including houses, furniture and paper that make great commercial contribution to New Zealand. Other than wood, the pine tree oil that is made from pine trees, is notable for its strong woody scent and it can remove odours naturally. 

The extracted pine tree oil contains high reactivity ingredients, terpenes, and their oxides. Through colliding with ammonia molecules and reacting, the original molecular structure of ammonia has been changed and remove the odours effectively and retain the fragrance of plants.

Lycocelle is combining technology with the natural power of Pine tree oil to effectively remove odours and last for a long while. Lycocelle laundry products harness the unique properties of native New Zealand plants and other botanical ingredients to provide a naturally powerful plant-based clean.


We’ve come up with a plant-based formula that cares for the planet, the people and the future.

Lycocelle Team from New Zealand